Invitation to Sing at a Papal Audience

The San Juan Children's Choir has been invited to sing at the Vatican during a papal audience this next September. This visit will be part of a larger Italy Concert Tour that begins the 21st of September and ends on the 3rd of October. Another stop on their Italy Concert Tour is Rimini, where the San Juan Children's Choir has been selected to participate in the VIIIth International Choral Competition.  At the Vatican as well as at the Rimini, the Choir will be presenting a repertoire that reflects the excelence in choral music with which the San Juan Children's Choir has distinguished Puerto Rico around the globe.

For over four decades, the San Juan Children's Choir has been recognized  as Goodwill Ambassadors by the Puerto Rico State Department. In their previous concert tours, the Choir has visited many countries among them: Spain, France, Germany, Austria, Russia, Denmark, England, Japan, China, Chile, Brasil, Colombia as well as many cities around the United States.

Please join our fundraising effort to ensure the 2014 Italy Concert Tour is a reality by making a donation today.

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