Impulso a la gesta cultural y educativa del Coro de Niños de San Juan

The San Juan Children's Choir is a non-profit organization committed to transforming lives through music. Considered one of Puerto Rico's most reknowned artistic institutions, the San Juan Children's Choir annually presents a varied schedule of events and performances that aim to serve a broad audience. Throughout the year, many of the performances are open to the public free of charge and performed in public venues and church halls. Events open to the public include traditional "Trullas Navideñas" (Puerto Rican Christmas Carolling) and the active integration of gregorian chants and other religious repertoire in church services acrosss the Island.

Other events during the year showcase the versatility of the choir. Themes for seasonal performances vary, but over the years they have included traditional Puerto Rican music as well as international peices; gregorian chants as well as music from the rennaissance, barroque, modern and contemporary peices. Always open to a challenge, the greatest challenge yet faced by the Choir is the rising production costs.

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