The Choir in Puerto Rico Musical History

During the mid-20th century, an enthusiasm for classical music converged in Puerto Rico with the presence of Maestro Pablo Casals and the creation of the Puerto Rico Casals Festival. This dynamic musical atmosphere gave life to the Puerto Rico Symphony Orchestra and the Puerto Rico Music Conservatory.

With this effervescent musical movement, the San Juan Children’s Choir made its appearance in the local cultural scene in 1966, with Maestro Casals as its mentor. He discovered in Evy Lucío Córdova a unique gift for choral conducting and the development of artistic talent in children.

Under the trained hand of its founder and current artistic director, the San Juan Children’s Choir grew and transformed into a musical group with international transcendence that has received excellent reviews from critics worldwide. In addition, for its musical excellence, the SJCC received the distinction of “Goodwill Emissaries” by the Puerto Rico State Department.

Today the SJCC can proudly state that they are considered one of best children’s choirs in the world according to renowned musicians such as Polish composer KRZYSZTOF PENDERECKI and maestro CONSTANTIN ORBELIAN, conductor of the Moscow Chamber Orchestra.

Without doubt, the San Juan Children’s Choir has a preferred niche in the music history of Puerto Rican and will always be known as a solid bastion of musical excellence.

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